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It is our goal to provide your business with all the services that it needs to corner the market and make it profitable. In order to do that online and offline, you need to ensure that all the basic components of your website are complete.



Digital marketing is the sum of many parts, yet campaigns can be effective at generating revenue just using a handful of carefully coordinated media platforms.


Website Design

A website is more than information. It is your billboard and a place to pitch offers, collect leads, and drive sales.


Mobile Applications

Over half of all customers prefer to use mobile apps to interact with local businesses. Do you have one yet?


Reputation Management

Four out of five customers search your business online before they make a buyer-decision. What do they see?


Search Engine Optimization

Being discoverable is the first key to generating buyer-traffic without spending money on advertising.


Social Media Events & Advertising

Reach your exact target customers with personalized offers that get shared with their friends and family at surprisingly low cost.





  • Seven out of 10 local companies have massive gaps in their digital marketing plans.
  • If gaps exist, you are losing between 10 and 20 new customers each and every single week.
  • Hundreds of customers each year fail to find or simply pass on your business due to digital gaps.
  • Depending on your customer value, these gaps represent a significant loss of real revenue that your business needs.




Digital Services Consultant uses modern digital marketing methods and tactics, we build campaigns that bring new customers through your doors and drive loyal consumers to make larger and more frequent purchases from your business.

  • Creative – We’ll develop new and novel approaches that compel your clientele to take action on your offers.
  • Committed – Our services are custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and customers.
  • Modern – We only use the latest tools and methods to accomplish your marketing goals.

We help your company overcome the modern challenges of competing in the digital age.

By analyzing your competitors, we’ll give you the best possible outcome to level the playing field against companies who are trying to steal your customer base.

We guarantee your competitors are using the latest in digital marketing platforms and tactics. If you ignore this fact, your business is losing customers and real revenue.

Think BIG


Each one of our campaigns is custom-designed to the specific needs of your business. Let us demonstrate what we can do with a NO OBLIGATION/NO COST consultation.




We are available to discuss your business goals and quickly provide a proposal that will meet or exceed your expectations…and at a surprisingly low investment.

Here is a list of services that are currently being offered and will be revised as soon as technology makes new changes.

Mobile Integration

Facebook Verification

Facebook Order Button

Google Verification

Google Maps Directory

Logo Creation


Michelle Lake

Digital Services Cosultant